Can you imagine this group of adjectives? A place like this exists. At least I think it does. At The Teen Action & Support Center, different is honestly just better. When we finally got word that a new location dedicated to you in Benton County could be opened, we immediately got to work on daydreaming. We hoped for a space that is supportive and cares for you. A space that is not loud and, in your face, but rather one that encourages you. There is no timeline, simply the freedom to create and do you. 

Our hope is that you know and feel this space was made specifically for you in every way. It can evolve and be refined time and time again to suit your needs. Within these spaces, we can help you navigate how to make your ideas come to life. Whatever they may be.

We did not do this alone, so many hands have been involved in bringing this space to life; so many hands have been involved in the creation of this second 3rd and safe space in Northwest Arkansas. From funding, to design, to creation, to furnishing, you have a community of people near you & are rooting for your success, however that looks. If my words leave you with one message, then I want that to be that this is truly a space for you.

A comfy, cozy, bright & dark space, precisely for you.… and we can’t wait to hear what you think. But for now, here’s a sneak peek:

If you are interested in supporting our programming within Benton and Washington Counties, please consider donating on April 8th from 8 am – 8 pm at!