teen thrive


A source for teens experiencing hardships to access supportive services to help navigate the transition into adulthood and the prevention of homelessness

about teen thrive

Teen Thrive is a program to connect youth aged 13-19 in NWA to the support and resources they need.

Our goal is to work with teens experiencing a barrier or disadvantage, to address their immediate obstacles, and to prevent more severe problems from developing.

Our approach to service recognizes that teens are full humans with thoughts and ideas, have untapped potential, and a unique way of seeing the world.

Through our programs, we help them build the skills to reach their full potential, to help see their dreams as a potential future, and to make healthy life choices.

Teen Thrive has four preventative strategies:

  • Mentorship
  • Experiential Learning & Reflection
  • Job Readiness & Life skills Development
  • Intervention Groups

We provide life skills and education to help with the transition into adulthood. We also provide opportunities to learn leadership skills by working with us to bring awareness and help lead the discussion on youth homelessness. 

We collaborate with organizations to identify teens in need of our services. These are teens who, for one reason or another, are in the greatest need of support. We come together with community organization’s to assess the services in the community to identify gaps and work together to fill those gaps. 

what we can help with

job training & assistance

community connection

parenting education

educational navigation


physical resources

financial well-being

health & wellness

housing resources


support groups

life experiences

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