first steps


A source for young parents to access supportive services that help navigate parenthood and adulthood


first steps

First Steps works to empower young parents to complete their education by providing education and resources to teens in the community. Sometimes something as simple as having a support group of young parents who can relate to your situation can make all the difference or maybe you get paid on Friday but it’s Tuesday and you’re going to run out of diapers. Whether you’re struggling in school or parenthood or need help with diapers or clothes, First Steps can be that resource to help remove those barriers and connect young parents with mentors and friends.

what we want to achieve

  • an increase graduation completion of high school among young people who are pregnant and/or parenting. 
  • to increase housing and financial stability for young people who are pregnant and/or parenting. 
  • an increase in the time gap between pregnancies among young people who are pregnant and/or parenting.

get involved with teen action & support center


Call our office at 479-636-8272.

Check out the calendar for in-person events and RSVP through the link.

OR apply online! Fill out through our application and someone will be in touch with you!

what we can help with

peer-to-peer support

child development

parenting education

educational navigation


physical resources

financial well-being

health & wellness

Where are the First Steps meetings?

The Parent Groups are primarily in schools. We have partnerships in Benton and Washington counties. We also want to help young parents who aren’t in school with options for meetings outside of schools by offering meetings at our Poplar location in Rogers and the Station in Springdale.

What happens at First Steps meetings?

Life skills training to learn to manage emotions, empathy, how to set and achieve goals, maintain positive relationships, and how to make responsible decisions. Also, peer-to-peer support, parenting education/child development and physical resources!

What if I can't attend meetings but I still need resources?


We definitely want to help any young parent any way we can! We can give one time resources to young parents who are not enrolled in the First Steps program.

Why should I sign up for First Steps?


The goal is to help each parent achieve their goals. Whether it’s finishing high school, enrolling in college, being secure in parenthood, learning how to set boundaries, how to write a resume, or anything else, we will be there to support you along the way! If the group setting works for you, that’s fine. If you would like more one-on-one support, we can provide that too!

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