The story of the Teen Action and Support Center (TASC) has been one of growth and development.  It all started in the fall of 2004 as a group of community members got together to discuss the growing need for support services for teens in Northwest Arkansas.  After researching the area’s established resources, the focus group determined that it was necessary to create a new organization that would provide an array of free services just for teens.  This group, along with a youth-led advisory team, felt that a positive and empowering approach to services would be essential in helping young people in the community become successful adults. The Teen Action and Support Center became a non-profit agency in April of 2005 and, thanks to many volunteer hours, opened its doors on New Hope Road in October that same year.

In 2010, TASC found itself in the market for a new space.  With the help of numerous volunteers and corporate teams, a second site opened on Poplar Street to be the primary counseling location as well as the site for the First Steps program.

The organization’s Board of Directors realized that the need for support services was not limited to Benton County and developed a strategic plan to become TASC of Northwest Arkansas. In early 2017, after securing the perfect building and location through a partnership with the Jones Trust, TASC began serving teens in Washington County @The Station on Emma St. in Springdale. Arts and Culture programming was added to the many programs TASC offered to help teens become the best versions of themselves.

As our NWA community has continued to grow, so has the number of teenagers in our community. Serving more teens and their families created the need for additional staff office space as well as large space for programming.

In 2021, again through a partnership with the Jones Trust and with thanks too many donors and community supporters, TASC opened a new location in Rogers on the Center for Nonprofit’s campus. The counseling office on Poplar St. was relocated to the original building on New Hope Road.

The staff and Board of Directors at the Teen Action and Support Center continue to implement best practices, innovative and high standards of care for adolescents, and advocate for the unique needs of teenagers. We are grateful for the ongoing support of volunteers and community partners, sponsors, and donors who are committed to our mission of empowering teens to take action in their own lives and communities.

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today at TASC

You can call us Teen Action and Support Centers of NWA because we have a presence in Benton and Washington County!

We maintain five programs throughout NWA: Art & Culture, In Service, First Steps, Teen Thrive and Restore counseling services.

None of what the Teen Action and Support Center does is possible without the support of the local community.

With continued support, TASC will be able to sustain its programs and walk alongside thousands more teens in Northwest Arkansas!.



at tasc, we believe

the best in young people.


We Know that young people are strong, intelligent, and talented in unique and powerful ways.

that young people are so valuable.


We know that young people can and do make valuable contributions to their communities and schools.

young people can choose their future.


We know that with empowerment and connection, young people have the ability to take control of their future. 

that through collaboration, we can do so much!


Community is important to us! We know that through working together, we can wrap our service-arms around the youth in the community and empower them in their lives.