Bucket list summer 2023
program overview

summer experiences for teens

Application opens March 6, 2023

and closes on April 21st. 

Bucket List Summer (BLS) is a FREE summer program for teens 13-16 years old to allow them to have new and fun experiences. This summer program is for teens aged 13-16 who are still in school.

Our goal is to build self-esteem and connection to the community while giving real-life experiences that teens may not have access to. Every experience is based on experiential learning and intentionally chosen to engage teens intellectually, creatively, mentally, socially, and/or physically. Teens attending the Bucket List Summer program will better understand themselves and the community and have the critical thinking skills to constructively and beneficially engage in life’s challenges.

Teens enrolled in BLS will experience every TASC program during their cohort. From Art Therapy with Restore to working in our community garden with InService to rock wall climbing with Thrive, we want teens to experience different activities and feel embraced and welcomed by TASC staff.


2023 Session Dates & Times


Session 1 6/5 – 6/16 9 am-5 pm
Session 2 6/19 – 6/30 9 am-5 pm
Session 3 7/10 – 7/21 9 am-5 pm
Session 4 7/24 – 8/4 9 am-5 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

about Bucket List Summer (BLS)

How do we sign up for Bucket List Summer?

Our 2023 Application is CLOSED but will open on March 6th. Check back then!

Space is limited and placement in a cohort is not guaranteed. You will find out by the week of May 8th if your teen has been accepted into a cohort.

Download the Bucket List Summer Flyer!

What are the requirements for being involved in Bucket List Summer?

Here are the required documents:
Required Documents for Bucket List Summer 2022

We will need an application, the signed liability form, signed field trip form, and bucket list orientation attendance.

What are the deadlines for Bucket List Summer?

Applications are CLOSED. It opens on March 6, 2023. 
Orientation will be scheduled at the beginning of May. If you are selected, you will be sent a link to sign up.

Bucket List Summer starts on June 5, 2023. 


What is Bucket List Summer Orientation?

Bucket List Summer orientation is a required meeting with TASC staff to go over the expectations of the program, the activities we will be doing, and to answer any questions about the required paperwork. 
The orientation dates will be scheduled at a later date. 


How much does Bucket List Summer cost?

As of Summer 2023, there is no cost associated with Bucket List Summer. 


My family moved to Arkansas earlier this year. Despite me telling my mom I didn’t want to get involved in anything, she signed me up to do things with this group – teen action and support center.

The first time we went to the hub I was annoyed. I didn’t want to be forced to meet people, especially with an organization my mom picked out. That all changed when I met the amazing people that are involved. TASC has brought me out of my shell. I get to participate in events that help me to give back to my community and are helping me to figure out where I fit in this world.

Everyone is welcoming and it’s a safe place where I can be myself and feel like I’m participating in something bigger than me. I love everyone at TASC and I love that they’ve given me a voice in things that are important not just to me but other teens.

I’m so glad my mom forced me to go to that “stupid summer camp that I wasn’t going to get anything out of”. Boy was I wrong and I’m so glad I was. Thank you to TASC for believing in me. I hope I make you proud. 

Helene, TASC’s 2022 Teen of the Year

Bucket List Summer 2022 Feedback

  • I really enjoyed kayaking, sashiko mending, natural dying scarfs, and horse-back riding the most. I enjoyed all the activities but those the most. I enjoyed [all activities] because they were already things I enjoyed and wanted to do but never got the chance do, I also really liked learning how to do new things. I enjoyed my art and culture days with Terry and Bri, I felt like I could connect with them the most, but I loved all of my teen leaders.
  • I loved helping out at the NWA food bank and doing the archery activity because it was something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and I really enjoyed it.
  • I really enjoyed helping out with the horses because I was able to ride them and help clean them.
  • I enjoyed kayaking a lot. It was a lot of fun a bit tiring at the end but still really fun.

Are you a junior or senior in high school and interested in learning leadership skills and experiencing new things this summer?

We are looking for four high school junior or senior students to volunteer one day per week this summer.

For this, you will receive volunteer hours, a recommendation letter, a $250 stipend, and learning leadership and mentorship skills!

Check out our Bucket List Teen Leadership Flyer for more information.

*Applications are open now!*