our story

In 2018, actress and director Joey Lauren Adams and a creative team from Rockhill Studios took an interest in promoting the voices of teenagers in our community through a video project.

They partnered up with youth who were involved in programming at the Teen Action and Support Center to write letters to the “adult world” that after its production would inform the script for what ‘Dear Adult World’ could become.

our purpose

It is our hope that #DearAdultWorld will connect the voices of teens with adults who can support them without judgement and listen.

Thank you to all teens willing to share how they feel and to all adults willing to listen. The Teen Action and Support Center seeks to provide a safe space for teens to express themselves to the adult world that promotes trusting relationships among teens and adults. 

Opinions Matter

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but our opinions don’t always need to be shared. Read 4 C’s of sharing opinions.