In October of 2005, when we opened the door of our office on New Hope Road, I had no idea how many doors would open for the Teen Action and Support Center.

When the first teen came through the door in 2005, I had no idea how many teens would come through the many doors of TASC.

In 2005 we opened our FIRST office on New Hope Road!

In 2011 we opened our counseling offices on Poplar Street in Rogers!

In 2018 we opened The Station in Springdale offering TASC

programming in Washington County!

And here we are 2021:

This week we will open a new door at 1194 W Walnut Street. This new office will be where our programs will originate for Benton County.

And shortly, our counseling services will move to our office at New Hope Road.

This is an exciting opportunity not just for our organization but for the many teens we have the capacity to serve.

On our 10th anniversary I announced the “passing of the baton” from one Executive Director to another, and in 2020 we passed that baton to Coletta Patterson who has helped us navigate growth and services through an incredibly difficult time.

When we opened in 2005, we only had one employee, and now our staff includes 16 (plus 3 counseling interns) dedicated and committed people who love teens and families in our community.

In the time since we opened that first door, the number of teens we serve has steadily increased, our Board of Directors has expanded, and our financial support has grown.

The challenges facing teenagers also continue to grow. School, friends, relationships, poverty, lack of access to care, abuse, neglect, mental health needs, substance use, stereotyping and discrimination are just a few of the many difficult things teenagers are trying to navigate.

We have learned over the past 16 years that with the right support and care, with encouragement and connection to resources, teens can overcome those challenges and confidently make their way into adulthood. The open doors at TASC have opened other doors for our young people and we are deeply grateful for a community, for volunteers, and for donors and sponsors who have made this all possible.

What hasn’t changed in all these years is our mission to “Empower teens to take action in their own lives and communities.”

What doesn’t seem to be changing is the growth and need for services in our community.

What definitely hasn’t changed is how important it is to work together as a community supporting teens and their families and acknowledging the valuable gifts teens have to offer.

That will never change.




— Dawn Spragg